Thursday, April 3, 2008

TORTURE Memo Exposed, yet NO ONE seems to CARE

This story just popped up on the Huffington Post and I was shocked.

Let's help and bring attention to this story. With time more truths about the Bush administration are beginning to surface. Truths that makes us ask, why has the administration been allowed to make laws and rules that exempt them from the rules the rest of us follow. PLEASE, READ THIS STORY and pass it on.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

WALL-MART (still just as evil)

Yes, Wall-Mart continues to prove how evil they are over and over. And totally un-patriotic. They show no compassion for dead US soldiers and people side swiped by semi trucks. To get a better understanding of what i mean

Monday, February 18, 2008

WAR and BAD ECONOMY . . i don' think so

WATCH THIS . . . ITS FUNNY. And pay attention to Laura. She looks uncomfortable.

Friday, February 15, 2008

McCain is a fish! FLIP FLOP

Please READ THIS and be afraid, be very afraid. But hopefully all the more wiser.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Robbie Conal takes note of 08ingchange

Just before the new year I emailed Robbie Conal, Los Angeles based guerilla poster artist, to let him know of the efforts we have been making at 08ingchange. Well on new years eve I received an email from him that gave me an extra bit of encouragement. He mentioned that he loved our work and to continue on in our efforts in spreading the message.

Well, not only did he give us some encouragement but he also used our "08ing" slogan on and older piece of his that he has sent out as a card to friends. What makes this all so special is that Robbie's work was a big inspiration in getting this project of the ground. I remember going to school everyday and driving over Laurel Canyon and always seeing a new Conal poster that had some commentary on the state of politics at that time. Those messages were powerful and stuck with me for years. So, when it came time to wanting to spread a message of my own, Robbie's guerilla tactics came to mind.

So thank you Robbie for your years of fearless messages that strike deep in the hearts of motorists everyday stuck in traffic. To see more of Robbie's work visit his website


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stand Up, Take Responsibility, Be An Adult

In kindergarten if I pulled on someones pig tales I would have to take responsibility for my actions. In elementary school if i did not do my homework I would own up to my actions and take responsibility. In high when I threw a party that got out of hand and was busted by my folks, I stood up and took responsibility.  At work, if I dropped the ball on a project or forgot to relay a message I would take responsibility for my mistake. My whole life I have been taught by parents, teachers, employeers and friends that I am responsible for my actions, and that when I fail, slip up, or make a mistake it is I that takes responsibility.

Yet what baffles me is that the people we entrust with the most responsibilites in this country don't seem to think that they have to be accountable for their actions, at all.  One person in particular that comes to mind is L Paul Bremer. He was appointed by President Bush in 2003 to take over for Gen. Jay Garner in overseeing the reconstruction and humanitarian efforts in Iraq. Well, it does not take a genius to see that he has received an F in these matters. Yet, there is no apology or acceptance of any wrong doing on his part, what so ever.

In a new documentary entitled No End In Sight a disturbing picture of his actions paints out that he was a neglectful and unqualified person for the job. Declining to be interviewed for the film, the film makers managed to find one video interview of Bermer on CNN. When pressed with a tough question the, "I can't recall" answer was the only thing that came to Bremer's mind. Come on bub, don't play stupid, that excuse did not work on my parents and it aint going to work on me.

This is just one person in a long list of people who should be accountable for their actions. I mean, the clerk at the grocery store has to account for every penny that comes through his register, you would hope that the same rules apply to someone like lets say the President.

Here is a good time line of how we as America dropped the ball in possibly curbing the amount of violence we are now seeing in Iraq. Who knows what could have been, but I do feel that Bremer's actions have coast us dearly. And who is going to take responsibility? Those who have lost their lives, and the unfortunate others that will follow. 

Friday, December 28, 2007

08ingchange is east coast bound

Armed with over 100 posters in my bag, 08ingchange is heading out to New York city to bring in the new year. I will be hitting the streets of NYC for the next three to four weeks, spreading the message and creating some change in the city. What better way to bring in 2008 then sharing the idea that CHANGE is all the rage.